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Our Customers Say...

Nothing beats the service I get at Bob Sumerel Tire.



Wherever you take your business, and wherever your business takes you... We'll be right behind you.

Any tire. Any size. Any application. Our efficiency is your competitive edge.

We have been a leading provider of tire and wheel sales and services for virtually every conceivable application. From forklifts to earthmovers, we offer a complete line of new tires and wheels; Bandag retreads, in-shop and on site service and computerized tire tracking systems.

We offer emergency tire service, 24 hours a day, everyday of the year-anywhere you need it. Our quick response emergency service helps you increase your uptime productivity and gain the critical competitive advantage that is vital to the success of your business.

Service is paramount to us. We have made it our mission to continually reinvest in employee training and certification; expand our application specific product offerings, and acquire state of the art equipment that enables us to service any tire, any place at any time. Whatever your tire needs, we are your single-source tire service partner.

We offer a variety of service levels to suit your specific needs...


We can monitor and maintain virtually every tire and wheel related need, down to changing tires and maintaining proper air pressure for you entire fleet, at your location.


We can pick up your tire, provide necessary service, mount assembly and return it to you for mounting on your vehicle.


We have the latest equipment to remove the old finish and refinish your wheels and rims to the color of your choice. Our refinishing process not only looks great, but ensures proper bead seating which results in improved air pressure maintenance. It also allows us to inspect your wheels and rims to ensure that it meets all specifications.


There are numerous factors which can effect tire wear, including operator habits and site conditions. With our fleet and site analysis, we can inspect and examine every aspect of your tire useage, then provide you detailed survey results and make recommendations to help you increase tire life. Our survey can provide a substantial increase in uptime and productivity.


We are your single source provider for every tire need. With our staff of highly-trained employees, the most comprehensive product offerings in the region and the highest level of on-site and mobile services. We are equipped to service every tire in your fleet.