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Bob Sumerel Tire Co., Inc. retreads offer new tire reliability and performance at one-third the cost of a comparable new tire. Exclusive Bandag tread rubber; combined with a proprietary low-temperature curing process; results in a rugged, durable, cost-effective solution. With more than 275 application-specific tread patterns and sizes, you can be sure that we have the ideal retread for any application.

Cold curing and elimination of rigid metal molds prevents harmful stress associated with other retreading processes.

Micro-Sipe MilEdges can provide a significant improvement in traction performance.

275 Tread designs and sizes allow Retreading of any type of casing you may use

Treads available to suit specific application requirements, tailored to various geograghical regions.

Bandag Retreads prevent millions of truck tires from being dumped onto tire piles or into landfills every year.

To summarize, producing the highest quality retread requires three all important items: the highest quality raw materials, the most proficient staff of trained personnel, and the latest state-of-the-art equipment. All of these items have been, and are continuing to be addressed at all 5 Bob Sumerel Tire retread plants, in order to produce the utmost in quality retread tires.

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